Let us tell you...



My favorite pieces of clothing I own belonged to my Grandmother, my aunt, my mother and my father. 

They kept their favorites, and passed them on to me. It’s all about connection and history. I want my future children to experience the same feeling of pulling the perfect sundress out of the back of my closet and wearing it EVERYWHERE. Just like I did. Women wear fast fashion clothing an average of 7 times before getting rid of it. Ouch. I have a handmade cotton midi dress from my grandmother. It is 40 years old and she gave it to me 15 years ago. It’s still my go to - I just wore it to a beach wedding. 

I also love living in the time of instant gratification. I understand the appeal of low cost fashion delivered quickly, especially if it’s a trend you aren’t sure you want to commit to - there’s no pressure. The concept is appealing, but the toll it’s taking is dangerous. 

So what’s the solution? We think there are a few. 

Sourcing fabrics that come from, and don’t hurt nature. Creative pattern-making, designing styles to be worn multiple ways so that it changes with you (plus we like that part - it’s fun). We’re coming up with some new exciting ideas on how to speed up our supply chain while still keeping everything made here in San Francisco - ethically and responsibly. 

It’s a task we’re passionate about and this line is our dream. And we're so so happy we get to share it with you. 
xx Lauren