Japan | Sakura Season

Hey wanderers! To celebrate the tale end of the Hanami season, I’m diving into a series of posts from our latest tip to Japan. Hanami is commonly referred to as the Cherry Blossom festival, and marks the beginning of Spring as the Sakura (cherry blossoms) move up the country.

We were lucky enough to visit Tokyo and Kyoto at the end of March, and although the blossoms were a little late this year, we caught some beautiful blooms. 

Anybody else falling for these colors? It’s safe to say that HIIDE is getting some major inspo from these beauties and this isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing these hues… HINT HINT!


And... here's a little plum tree for fun, cause she's a beauty too. To quote one of our guides in Kyoto, "A plum is like a woman: sweet and pretty, but sometimes sour." 

Stay tuned for more travel tips!