Classic Film Playlist | Pool Party

Dun da da dun! Welcome to the first installment of playlists I'll be putting out - I'll be compiling lists of inspiring classic films from different decades, with mini film reviews and where you can currently stream them! The movies I'll be posting are inspiring to me because of their innovation, the fashion (surprise, surprise), the badass women who acted in them, and sooo much more.
So where to to start? Well, summer is in the air and we are feelin' that poolside-glam-Slim Aarons-vibe...
So let's party.

Bathing Beauty

When a misunderstanding causes a breakup between a songwriter and his new wife, she returns to work as a swimming instructor at a women's college. Determined to win her back, he enrolls in the school and hilarity ensues.
When: 1944
Starring: Esther Williams & Red Skelton
Why it's a party for the eyeballs: Didn't you watch the trailer up there? Comedy, Big Band music AND synchronized swimming?!
Did ya know: This was Esther Williams' first starring role. Prior to her "Aqua Musical" fame, she was a competitive swimmer - winning 3 U.S. National Championships. NBD.
Also according to imdb, the swimmers went on strike during a wintry day unless the Director George Sidney (also of Bye Bye Birdie and Annie Get Your Gun fame) stripped naked and jumped in the cold water himself!
Favorite Lines: "Are we keeping you awake, Mr. Elliot?" "Barely."
Favorite Looks:

Where you can check it: Rent now for $2.99 on itunes & vudu

La Piscine

A couple spends their vacation in a friend's poolside villa. After a visit, an ex-lover and his daughter are invited to stay with them. And ooo you can cut the tension with a knife!
Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet & Jane Birkin
Why it's the perfect summer indulgence:
 I just love the plot. The characters are so well developed. The 60's fashion is aces. Plus, it's pretty steamy.
Did ya know: 
This was Jane Birkin's first french film (as an American with a little high school French under my belt, it was a little easier understanding her haha. But don't worry, there's subtitles!) 
Also, Alain Delon and Romy Schneider dated for 5 years prior, splitting up in 1963. They remained close friends, starring in this film together 6 years later.

Favorite Lines:  

  • "I love you." "Don't be silly."
  • "Funny. One always has a preference, even for worthless things."

Favorite Looks:

Where you can find it: Purchase online or rent through Netflix dvd service (psst.. the whole film is also on youtube at time of posting)

The Swimmer

The story of a wealthy man who through an epiphany of sorts, attempts to make his way home by swimming through a chain of suburban backyard pools. On the way he's confronted by his past.
When: 1968
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Janet Landgard and Janice Rule
Why it's a must: This baby has a 100% on rotten tomatoes. Is that even possible? I really can't give too much away about it, just trust me on this. Also, Joan Rivers in it.
Did ya know: Burt Lancaster was a gymnast and acrobat. According to a TCM Rob osb after WWII when suburbs began to spring up, it was a cliche that everyone had to have "a lawn to mow, and a pool to swim in." Hence the joke that our main character is able to "swim home" across the county from his neighbors houses. It is based on a short story that was originally published in The New Yorker.
Favorite Lines: 

  • "Oh, how romantic and old-fashioned!" "Now wait a minute! It wasn't that long ago!" "Well, I - I mean it sounds so much more passionate than a computer."
  • "Here's to sugar on the strawberries!"

Favorite Looks:

Where you can find it: Rent now for $2.99 on google play and vudu (psst.. this one is on youtube too)

Bonus Points

I just have to mention two of my favorites: Sunset Boulevard and The Great Gatsby since they both have their own iconic backyard pool scenes...

But that's another story and that's all I'm going to say about that.
They're both on Netflix right now, so it'd be crazy NOT to watch them...